Threat Assessment Training

I offer a one-day workshop on threat assessment training for schools using The Virginia Student Threat Assessment Guidelines. This model was developed by Dr. Dewey Cornell and the staff of the Virginia Youth Violence Project at the University Of Virginia, Curry School of Education. These guidelines allow school-based teams to evaluate student threats of violence, quickly resolve less serious transient threats, and take appropriate action in response to more serious, substantive threats. School teams ordinarily consist of school administrators, mental health professionals (psychologists, counselors, social workers) and law enforcement officers.


The Virginia Student Threat Assessment Guidelines is listed in the federal government’s National Registry of Evidence-Based Programs and Practices (NREPP). It is used in more than 2,700 schools in 14 states. The Guidelines have been evaluated in 2 field-test studies and 3 controlled studies published in refereed journals. These studies have found that schools using the Guidelines have lower rates of long-term suspensions, fewer alternative school transfers, and fewer bullying incidents. Students in these schools report less bullying, greater willingness to seek help for bullying and threats of violence, and more positive perceptions of the school climate than students in control group schools.


Sample Training Schedule

  1. Rationale for threat assessment: Fears vs. Facts

  2. How to conduct a threat assessment: Transient vs. Substantive Threats, Pathways to Violence

  3. Special Topics: Bullying, Legal Issues, Liability, Confidentiality, Research Evidence

  4. Case Studies and Group Exercises


For more information please contact me at 646-801-7073 or The manual is available for purchase on